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Bible Study

If you have been looking for a bible study group at a nondenominational church, come to Red Oak Faith Fellowship Church of Desoto, TX. You’ll meet people from all around us, including Lancaster, Dallas, and all their communities. We love the relationships that we build and our small groups build most of them. If you have always wanted to attend a church in your area, come to us. Check out our website at and take a look around. You’ll love what you see and know this is the place to be. If you are starved for the message of God and sharing the Gospel and the passion and excitement of a good Sunday service with like-minded believers, then you need to be here. We are casual and will make you feel like your home. You will feel His presence when you walk through the doors.  


When you visit our website at, you will immediately know that you have found a home in Red Oak Faith Fellowship Church of Desoto, TX. We have a wonderful bible study group that is sure to educate and excite you. We believe we are the best non-denominational church in the area. We love the people here and we always help them to connect with our Savior, so that they achieve their potential. We strive to help everyone to achieve their God-given potential. We help every community in the area and reach out to them through prayer, worship, and events. We have one objective and that is to create a ministry of love. We minister to our families when they need it through evangelism. We believe in freedom-filled life and inspire our congregation to do so. Come be with us on Sunday or during the week for our small group meetings.

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